The Mexican financial system as any other financial system covers the requirement to put in contact with suppliers and customers of funds that is to say, investors and applicants of funding through different institutions, which are:
1. Funding of the banking system,
2. Organizations and ancillary activities of credit,
3. Financing of the Stock Market System.
4. Non-banking financing (searching for partners interested in investment in specific projects)
The management and coordination of the credit is the most important role in the bureaucratic excesses of a financing, the institutions are seeking perform safe operations and successful, preferably with customers whose experience has been satisfactory in the exercise and liquidation of their commitments, as well as companies that submit viable investment projects.
For all of the above, this Law Firm gives you the proper financial advice that best suits your needs according to the financing alternatives, the purposes for which it is granted the money that is on offer, and the characteristics of each type of credit.