Through our international area of foreign trade we provide the necessary tools to facilitate the import and export of its goods.
Using a professional service at the best and lowest cost of the market, backed by customs agents of prestige throughout the republic, advisers in logistics, general stores and tax deposit. We provide our clients with the full range of services required for the efficient management of their products, while offering added value services that enable channeling all their operations through our management. Speeding up processes, saving time and costs.
We have important strategic partnerships with companies providing dedicated services to the foreign trade, customs agencies, storing, loading-builders, coordinating the service with companies that have a wide experience in the handling and packaging of packaging, packaging and labeling for to get their products to their final destination in perfect condition, in a way that is efficient, safe and timely manner, in accordance with the requirement of our clients by giving the necessary follow-up to each project; guard and custody with general warehouses of tax warehouse that provides the greatest flexibility in the management of foreign trade operations of our clients, allowing release their goods from customs in a shorter period of time, for well check and label subsequently their goods in the home The taxpayer or a verification unit authorized, maintaining absolute control and attention at the reception, customs clearance and delivery of goods, to the extent of the needs of our customers.
The logistical process for the transfer of the goods of transportation - land, sea, air or rail-, is maintained through alliance with different land-transport companies, shipping companies, airlines and forwarders re load, both domestic and foreign with unbeatable shipping terms even the low-volume whose load meets with other customers to consolidate the container, and cheapen the land and maritime freight or air.
The intermediation in its import transactions is one of the main services provided by our trader, it is the import process of merchandise from exterior commerce,  providing the services of customs agency in imports, exports, halted, regime change, storage and transport of their goods, with the following sectoral patterns: Footwear, textile, wood, electronics, toys, tools, automotive industry, bicycles, padlocks and locks, rubber, pencils, school supplies and stationery, paper and cardboard, diapers, fruit, toiletries for the home and chemicals.