The fiscal area provides you with the consulting services in tax planning through strategies that use the benefits that the laws themselves offer, implementing schemes in response to the company, employer and employees, through the equitable remuneration and proportional with total dedication to the existing legal framework.
Counseling involves the analysis of the optimal scheme to tax to the tax systems most appropriate in response to search for the reduction and/or elimination of the tax burden of the company; all this while maintaining the integrity and security of the shareholders equity.
The legal attachment through the development of contracts that give support to the planning and, above all that they are logical, legal and have a business relationship, in order to take care of the discrepancy prosecutor of the shareholders.
In addition, the service of opinion for tax purposes in their two obligatory and voluntary types, as well as the opinion that Social Security reform in the for the current year, it is proposed mandatory for certain taxpayers, in terms of the Tax Code of the Federation. If we rely on the opinion of transfer pricing.
Defense Attorney, support to companies in trials and protections against the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in regard to the Income Tax, Value Added Tax, imposed on the Active, excise duty to the production and service and customs matters. Defense of Social Security Tax, IMSS and Infonavit.
Patrimonial Tax Planning
Audit and Opinion
Presentation of diverse formalities before the various tax authorities.