Representation before the Federal Consumer Agency.
Defend your rights
Profeco advises consumers and suppliers, giving them to know in detail the rights and obligations they have, how can the exercise and the consequences of the exercise of the same.
When a vendor or service provider does not respect you price, quantities, terms, terms, delivery dates, rules, conditions, features, guarantees, interest, and other commitments relating to the operation held in verbal or written form, you can file a complaint with Profeco, either in written form or staff.
The requirements so that you can present your complaint are:
•Name and address of the consumer.
•Name and address of the provider that appears in the contract, voucher or receipt. In case of no show in any of these documents, point out the place where you can be located.
•Description of the good or service that is reclaimed and the narration of the facts that gave rise to the complaint.
•Format of receipt of complaint
How do you help with the conciliation?
If your provider does not meet you, present your claim in Profeco we will look for solving your problem, and a quick solution.
Have you seen any abusive commercial practice?
If you know of a supplier or abusive that performs actions, facts or acts that can take its toll on you or to any consumer, make your complaint with Profeco. In contrast to the complaint, you or any person may lodge a complaint, without the need to be directly affected, you're not obliged to provide evidence of the operations that you report it, or to provide your data. Simply you will have to provide us with the complete data to identify the supplier and learn about the business than complaints.
Attention to residents abroad
Did you obtain a service in Mexico and you live abroad?
Did you obtain a service in Mexico and you live abroad?
Profeco, through the Department of Conciliation to Residents Abroad (C. A. R. E. ) protects your rights even when alive outside of the Mexican Republic. In such a way that regardless of your nationality if you purchase any property or if you hired a service provider established in Mexico and these dissatisfied with the product or service we can advise you, and to be the case, we provide conciliation procedures between the parties for free.
To start a conciliation proceedings, C. A. R. E. must analyze the documentation submitted by the consumer interested in demonstrating the grounds of complaint. For which, is needed to present the following:
1. Explanatory Letter of Complaint that contains the following data:
•Name, address, phone number and e-mail.
•Name and address of the supplier or provider of the service as it appears in the proof of purchase or in the receipt issued.
•Description of the reason for your claim, including the good or service that claiming, clearly and briefly recounting the events, the date of purchase or rental, the total price of the good or service and, if this is the case, claiming that the amount.
2. The Complete format of receipt of complaint
3. Copy of your official identification and proof of address.
4. Copies of receipts, invoices and contracts that offer proof of the purchased item or contracted service.
5. Copy of all the additional documents that may be contributing to the claim.
All personal and confidential information received by the Profeco, C. A. R. E. , will be sheltered and protected by our federal laws, therefore not disclosed to third persons.
What is arbitration?
Arbitration is a means to solve the problem with your provider. If during the conciliation you could not solve the problem, Profeco may act as an arbitrator to resolve the differences between the provider and you.
When can I go to arbitration?
When in common agreement, provider and you request Profeco to act as a referee, because you could not reach a settlement during the conciliation.
When without having submitted a claim, the provider and your, by common agreement, ask Profeco to intervene as an arbitrator to resolve their differences.
It is important that you know that once the arbitration has begun, at any time the provider and you are able to reach an agreement that would suit both parties. Profeco will monitor that such an arrangement is met.