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- We give solution to all your needs related to the processing of the legal stay abroad and his family in Mexico, from hospitalization, stay on the national territory, until his final departure or residence in our country.
- We provide advice about Mexican personnel of your company that may have to go to work abroad.
- Assistance since their arrival in Mexico in airports, commercial and private flights.
- We seek to go abroad to government agencies rely on staff to guide you and advise at the time.
- We keep abreast of the maturity of their documents, reminding you of your renewal in advance.
- We provide service to foreign natural persons of any nationality, wishing to carry out an independent activity, invest, work for an established company in the country, she remarried with Mexican national, or simply live from their resources brought from abroad, or to companies and institutions that have working relationships with foreigners or intend to incorporate personnel from different nationality to Mexican.
- We perform a legal analysis of the situation in particular, of the foreign individual or company, which requires of immigration counseling, in order to be able to offer you the best legal alternative to your query and carry out the complete procedure for obtaining the Migration Form, permission or authorization from abroad and his family that is required.
- Previous permissions of internment
- Extension of stay of tourists (FMT)
- Obtaining of FM3 in the different migratory characteristics
- Extension of immigration document FM3 non-expired
- Extension of immigration document FM3 expired
- Change immigration status or expansion of activities either:
a) change of activity with the same employer
b) change of activity and employer
c) change of employer with the same activity
d) change independent activity
e) expansion of independent activity
f) change of studies and/or educational institution
AND RESIDENTS (immigrants)
- Obtaining of FM2
- Change of migratory status
- expansion of activity or Employer
- formalities of request for declaratory of an immigrant
- Extension of time limits specified in ex officio.
- Various annotations and clarifications: change of address, change of nationality or change of marital status.
- Certificate for administrative or judicial proceedings for divorce or annulment of the marriage.
- Exemptions from counting absences of the country.
- Issuance of final departure from the country.
- Registration in the National Register of Aliens and marriages.
- Entrance and exit permits (applicable in the case where the person concerned does not have immigration document pending the resolution of a proceeding).
- Permission for marriage with a Mexican citizen.
- Permissions to perform adoption proceedings.
- Immigration regularization in the absence of immigration document to verify the legal stay in the country.
- Refitting or duplicate of immigration document FMT, FM3 or FM2.
- Response to ex officio to the fulfillment of requirements or fixing requirements and/or payment of fines.
For recreational purposes or health, for artistic activities, cultural or sports, unpaid or lucrative, with temporarily maximum of six months with no ability to be extended It may be granted for period of up to 180 days maximum.
In transit to another country and that you can remain in national territory up to thirty days.
To dedicate themselves to the exercise of any gainful activity or not, provided that it is lawful and honest, with permission to stay in the country for up to a year.
When the alien visitor during his stay alive of their resources brought from abroad, the income that these produce or any income from abroad; or its placement has as purpose know investment alternatives or to perform these; or be devoted to scientific activities, technical, consulting, artistic, sporting or similar; or becomes an intern to occupy positions of trust, or attend assemblies and meetings of governing boards of companies, may be granted up to four extensions for a similar period, with multiple entries and exits.
To initiate, terminate or refine studies in institutions or school official, or incorporated with official recognition of validity; or to perform studies that do not require, with annual extensions and with permission to stay in the country only the duration of studies and that is necessary to get the final documentation respective school, and may leave the country, each year up to 120 days in total.
Distinguished Visitor
In special cases, in an exceptional way, permits may be granted complimentary to get deep and reside in the country, up to six months, researchers, scientists or Humanists of international prestige, journalists or other prominent people.
Migration Authorities will be able to allow foreigners to visit seaports or border cities without that your stay exceeds three days.
The local visitor's permit, it will be individual to the people over the age of fifteen, persons under legal age are covered by the local visitor's permit to be issued to the parents, relatives or guardians accompanying them.
The Ministry of the Interior may approve as exception up to 30 days, the interim landing of foreigners who arrive to sea ports or airports with international service, whose documentation lacks any secondary requirement.
The application for admission must be submitted at least fifteen days in advance of the date on which seek to stay in the national territory.
Any foreigner, who enters the country as a non-immigrant or immigrant, may request the income of her husband and first-degree relatives, which may be granted, if they are not holders of a migratory feature itself, the same feature and temporality that migration to the non-immigrant status, under the modality of dependent.
To live from their resources brought from abroad; of the interests that you produce the investment of their capital in certificates, stocks and bonds of the state or national institutions of credit or other laid down by the Ministry of the Interior or of any permanent income that comes from the external.
To invest its capital in industry, commerce and services, in accordance with national laws, provided that it contributes to the economic and social development of the country and that will be maintained during the time of residence abroad the minimum amount set by the Regulation of the General Law of Population.
To exercise a profession, in the case of professions that require title for its exercise must comply with the order by the statutory provisions of the Constitutional Article 5or in professions.
To assume positions of leadership, of single administrator or other with absolute confidence in companies or institutions established in the Republic, provided that, in the judgment of the Ministry of the Interior there is no duplication of charges and that the service in question merit the admitted into the country.
To direct or carry out scientific research, to disseminate their scientific knowledge, prepare researchers or perform work teachers, when these activities are carried out in the interest of national development in the Secretariat's view of the Interior, taking into consideration the general information that you provide in this respect the institutions that it deems appropriate to consult.
To perform applied research within the production or technical roles or specialized that they cannot be loaned, in the opinion of the Ministry of the Interior, by residents in the country.
For artistic activities, sports or similar, always that, in the Secretariat's view these activities are beneficial for the country.
For the purposes of Article 48 Fraction VIII of the General Law of Population, are considered similar activities, the promotion of artistic, cultural and sports, and the other that his trial determines the immigration authority.
To exercise the ministry of any worship or for the performance of work of philanthropic and social assistance, which coincide with the end of the religious association to which it belongs, that is always count with prior registration with the Secretary of the Interior, and that the alien possesses, in advance, the nature of minister of worship or associated under the terms of the Law of Religious Associations and Public Worship.
To perform specific activities of the profession as a journalist, to cover a special event or for your exercise time, provided that he is duly accredited his appointment or exercise of his profession in the terms laid down by the Ministry of the Interior.
To protect his life, safety or liberty when they have been threatened by widespread violence, foreign aggression, internal conflicts, massive violation of human rights or other circumstances that have severely disrupted the public order in their country of origin, which have been forced to flee to another country.
To protect their freedom or their lives to political persecution in their country of origin, authorized by the time that the Interior Ministry deems it advisable, in response to the circumstances in each case involved.