We are dedicated to provide to individuals and public or private entities that require a legal advice or effective, timely and high quality representing while delivering professional services in all legal areas.

We have our own facilities as well as the entire infrastructure and necessary legal tools, coupled with the support of more than two decades of professional experience, characterized by the constant updating of our knowledge and an efficient personalized attention according to the specific legal needs for each of our clients through a wide range of legal services to accommodate their requirements in a professional manner and expeditiously in remuneration to the confidence that they provide us.

          "While others see a problem, for us it means… the beginning of its solution".


Our mission is to provide legal services of professional excellence in all areas of the law, preserved with highly trained personnel and in constant update, with the purpose to provide our customers the security and legal certainty they require and the reliable and confidential management they need.

"That the customer receives what is due to him or belongs to him"


Our vision is consolidate our position as the most prestigious Law Firm in Western Mexico, exercising the profession in accordance with the National legal system and our code of ethics by surpassing our customers' expectations providing international quality work, ensuring that our profession is always honorable and the firm maintains its great prestige.


Our philosophy is based on providing excellent legal services, stimulating day to day ethical and professional development, as well as our human capital to exercise the profession in accordance with the applicable legal rules and complying with the standards of the code of professional ethics of our signature, while also promoting between our customers and society in general strengthening of the legal culture and the spirit of justice by the harmony and social peace that this entails.

"Striving for the correct application of the law and respect for justice"


  The strength of our principles, the continuous updating of our curriculum and the value of our partners and associates, based on the experience of our professional career and postgraduate studies, which constitute the essence of our company, which operates under strict criteria of honesty, integrity, responsibility, ethics and professionalism.

                 "We treat our customers for their value and not for the profit that they represent"