Counseling and registration procedure for trademarks, patents, trade names, commercial announcements, technology transfer, franchises and copyright to the government offices responsible for the matter.
- Review and preparation of the license agreements on copyright, trademarks, patents and technology transfer and the defense of their rights in administrative or before the competent courts.
A) Industrial Property Law
Consulting, management and protection of national and international:

Patents, Utility models, industrial designs.
Brands, such as distinctive signs of business negotiations or commercial, industrial or service, applied to various products or services to easily differentiate them from those of their own class or species.
Trade names of companies or commercial establishments are of sale of products or services.
Origin designation, as well as use of the name of a geographical region of the country which serves to designate a product originating from the same, and the quality and characteristics of which are due only to the geographical environment.
Management of industrial secrets, advice and planning for their protection, as well as the actions to preserve them.
Repression to the Unfair Competition, through the exercise of all the legal actions that are necessary at both the national and international level to prevent and suppress the same by third parties that exploit or use the figures above without the permission of its owner.
Administrative demands before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property or reply to the same, filing of resources, start of amparo proceedings or resources of review, whether as plaintiffs or injured third parties, as well as the relevant actions for damages.
Technical advice in the preparation of their patents, utility models and industrial designs, through our group of engineers and graphic designers.
B) Copyright
In relation to the rights granted by the laws and international treaties, the creators of a work, this office provides assistance to the same with the purpose of study, management and protection, national and international, of the following figures:
Literary Works: teaching, educational, scientific, technical and legal, computer (systems and programs), short story, theater, poetry, scripts, and other literary genres.
Artistic Works: Dance, mimed works, choreographic, pictorial, drawing, engraving, sculpture and plastic nature, architectural, photographic, musical, film and television.
Reservation of Rights: the exclusive use of names of musical groups, artist names, titles of journals, newspapers and other publications, heads of column, and to the exclusive use of fictional characters.
Legal action: necessary for the preservation of these rights and for the suppression of activities which seek to plagiarize, imitate, modify or in any way not authorized use figures.
C) National Area
Loans our services in any part of the Mexican Republic through our associate attorneys.